Miaurachelle Checchia

Healing Yoga ~ Massage Therapy ~ Bodywork ~ Reiki Energy Healing

~ Blessings to all ~

Eastern Practices are my specialty and make up a huge portion of my daily self-care routine.

I became a certified Hatha Yoga teacher in the winter of 2015 / 2016 in Colorado and spent the next two years teaching and working in National Parks. In 2018 / 2019 I traveled to Asia for a deeper self study that answered many of my spiritual questions. I became aware of the traditional way of life and spent time developing my inner light.

While in Northern Thailand, I became certified in Thai Massage, Reflexology, and Guasa (Traditional Chinese Massage Technique). I also studied Vipassana Meditation at a Forest Monastery.

While in Northern India, I became a certified Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, initiated into Transcendental Meditation and studied at an Ayurvedic Ashram. I also studied Yogic Philosophy, Ayurveda, Panchakarma Treatments/Massage, organic farming, Sujok Acupuncture and Acupressure.

I have completed studies at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, finishing a dense 7 module training program: Alchemical Herbalism with Sajah Popham and his wise group. The 7 core modules I studied are: Intelligence of Nature, Elemental Herbalism, Patterns of Western Herbalism, Ayurveda + Chakra System, Astro-Herbalism, Alchemy + Spagyrics, and Esoteric Herbalism.

While residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I completed over 150 hours at New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics studying: Natural Therapeutics, Anatomy, Physiology, Herbalism, Bach Flower Essence, Homeopathy, Polarity Therapy, Swedish Massage and Tai Chi Chih.

Currently residing in Sedona, Arizona area where I completed a 700 hour Massage Therapy Certification focusing on: Western Massage, Myofascial, Reflexology, Trigger Point, Kinesiology, Anatomy + Physiology. I am a practicing Massage Therapist at Namti Spa in Sedona.

I feel that sharing these services is my true purpose.

I am grateful to be here now and honor all beings and their personal journey.

please use my contact information below to schedule:
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1. Tuesdays Free Healing Yoga Series @ 10a MDT with ELEMENT3 HEALTH on ZOOM ~ our intention is to hold space for our Senior Community ~ sign up for FREE classes & FREE database recordings with the Free Healing Yoga button below my contact information ~ thank you

2. Healing Yoga Sundays @ 9-10a MDT + Mondays @ 7:30-8:30a MDT with BADLANDS YOGA on ZOOM ~ first class is FREE ~ plus check out the other amazing classes available :) sign up for classes with the Badlands Healing Yoga button below my contact information ~ thank you

3. Check out my Healing Yoga Recordings on AudibleYoga.com ~ click the button below my contact information to listen/download a free Healing Yin Class ~ thank you

4. Evolutionary Herbalism by Sajah Popham Reflections meet up on ZOOM Thorsdays @ 7:30-8am MT ~ free & open to anyone interested in studying this book ~ please message me for more information & ZOOM link ~ thank you

~Peace, Bliss, Light & Loving Kindness to all~

Email~ [email protected]
Number~ +1 908 418 3996 (whatsapp, too!)
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~ Reviews ~
"Michelle channels pure Mother energy.
My chakras sing with life & joy when treated by dear Michelle."
Dale Borglum
Executive Director
Living/Dying Project
"During the session I had an experience of pure sensation & feeling - which I don't get that often & effortlessly during my regular meditation practice or even meditation rereats in the past. I also had a strong feeling of being held by the floor underneath me. It was very nice."
"Michelle is robust as well as soothing. Her voice transcends equanimity. . . She is passionate & indisputably devoted to her calling. Listening to Michelle’s voice & gentle suggestions makes for a blissful enlightenment. . .

Georgette McHale
New Jersey
"I felt a real recovery from mental trauma & related symptoms that started from that day."
Amritsar, India
"I felt more balanced & connected with my body where I had been disconnected/disassociated. It was as though you assisted me in realigning with my high self."
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Your yoga class made a huge improvement in my breathing - I was amazed! Thank you for being you!"
Cornville, AZ
"Our Reiki session was wonderful. You always translate peace & compassion to any environment, near or far."
"Michelle has such an intuitive, powerful (in an energetic way) healing practice she shares in an effortless way. Her background in different cultures/trainings within them, Reiki, types of massage, yoga training, meditation - I have found really brings a holistic perspective/touch to her clients. I would highly recommend Michelle for touch or yoga therapies, she really has such a diverse, knowledgable background that shows in her sessions."
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Michelle is a wonderful massage practitioner! I requested her for healing an issue on my body & feet. She understood & did great Reflexology & massage. I so love how she prepared with meditation & healing mantra. She did an amazing job. Such a bliss to receive massage from her! I would highly recommend her!"
Jaisalmer, India
"Wow! Very powerful. She cleared my chakras. I could feel my chi moving freely the next day. I love her chanting. Very powerful. Michelle is such a beautiful, loving soul."
Cornville, Arizona
“Meeting Michelle has truly changed my life & how I live. Before Michelle blessed me with my Reiki Master certification life was black & white. Now today, life is so vibrantly bursting with color. My heart, soul, & mind is opened to all this life has to offer. As am I still studying & experiencing this life along side her, she is still one of my life’s greatest blessings & will always be.”
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"The session flowed well & communication was easy & supportive. I felt both relaxed & rejuvenated, exactly what the yogi ordered :)."
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"After a Reiki session with Michelle I feel at peace & I feel more whole.''
Cornville, Arizona
"Everytime you do your magic, the strongest feeling is the feeling of gratitude. This feeling itself is very curing. I feel very uplifted."
"All I can say is you are very powerful & spiritual. I hurt my shoulder not too long ago & you were a significant part of helping me feel better. Whether it was through Massage, Reflexology or Reiki you helped me heal in a couple of weeks."
Cornville, Arizona
"Michelle has natural talent with an abundance of positive & radiant energy. She assisted me with two Reiki energy sessions where I found relaxation & healing. Michelle is compassionate, a great listener & others are bound to reap the benefits of her work!"
Moab, Utah
"I felt an amazing burst of energy & sense of peace after my first Reiki session with Michelle. She is very passionate & dedicated to her practice!"
Seattle, Washington

White Gypsum + Soft Sky image taken @ White Sands NP, New Mexico

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